Rejected Visa Cases

Whichever country visa you applied for or whatever category of visa it may be, when that visa is refused, it feels like all your hopes and aspirations are shattered. Your left wondering why your visa was refused and what you must do next….

If your Visa Application has been rejected, we are there to help you reapply and increase your chances of securing Visa. We have a high success rate in cases where applicants have incorrectly applied by themselves or through another party and have been rejected.

Most common reasons for rejection of Visa Application:

  • Weak Documentation.
  • Poor Preparation.
  • Poor Presentation.
  • Insufficient funds.
  • Mistakes in Visa Form.

At Acads Visa we follow a streamlined process for Visa Applications

  • We provide necessary assistance in correct filling of the desired application form.
  • We will assist you in scheduling your visa appointments
  • We will advise on financial requirements for the visa application, covering letters and explanatory statements, sponsorship declaration (if applicable), etc.
  • We ensure that all the required documents are submitted with your Visa application.
  • Proper presentation of documents to be submitted is equally important for your Visa application, we ensure that documents are arranged and submitted in a presentable manner.
  • In case your Visa application requires a interview, we are provided with a thorough grooming session to prepare you for the interview.